Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's all About LOVE! - Week 23 (Transfer 4, Week 3)

Hellowww everyone!!!!

This week was a fantabulous week. We taught 30 lessons again! And we would have taught 36 but 6 lessons canceled and rescheduled. So it's okay. Sister Price is the BEST. I finally am able to be the missionary I knew I could be! I love it. Never better. But I swear, Sister Price and I are so busy that every week feels like an entire transfer. But it's incredible because the ward here has really stepped up. The members here are so amazing and so incredibly grateful! They thank us for the work we do and really make an effort to be involved, which I am so grateful for. It means the world to Sister Price and I that they want to work WITH us.

Man, I feel like so much has happened this week that I don't know where to even begin. It's weird when you are in a different country, with a jillion new people who none of your loved ones know, with an entirely new lifestyle, and no matter how much you want to just write down every detail and explain it just never could because the only way to really understand our day is to live it. Haha missionary life is the most unique lifestyle ever, but I LOVE it.

This week we had some really cool experiences, but again, it's so hard to explain...

Our awesome investigator G* is going to be baptized next week and he is SO PUMPED. He truly is so amazing. I feel like I haven't even done anything...he just willingly accepted the gospel into his life. It's awesome. Also, we had a whole ton of less active members return to church for the first time this week in YEARS!!! And we found a lost member who no one knew about, and our ward, being as amazing as they are, stepped right up and he already has home teachers going out to visit him. Ah, and the members have started to text us and update us on our less actives and investigators that they are going to see and help. It's so amazing! People have no idea how much missionaries DEPEND on the members and I cannot be more grateful for the amazing members here. The work really is starting to progress and it's all because of the new mission vision which tells us we HAVE to work with the members. And we have!

This week we went over to a members house named the A*. They live in a retirement home and are just so sweet. Two floors down lives a less active member named Sister Z* so right after dinner with them we went downstairs to teach her. (She came back this Sunday and was at church!) At the end of the lesson we asked her if she could think of any of her friends who would be open to meeting with the missionaries. She said there was one lady but that she had already invited her to learn more and she said no. So anyway, we went back upstairs in the same apartment building because one of our investigators lives 2 doors down from the A*'s. As we waited at the door for S* the investigator to answer the door, the lady who Sister Z* was talking about passed by. We talked and she ended up inviting us in and agreeing to meet with us again! So we taught S* and this new lady G*! After the lesson we went downstairs to the lobby to leave and a bunch of old people were there. They asked us who we were and when we told them they said that they would love it if we arranged a time with the supervisor to invite everyone in the building to learn more! So pretty much we rounded up the whole building of old people and taught them. Oh man, that day was so exhausting. It was just lesson after lesson. But it was so fun!

But oh poor Sister Price. This week she was SO sick, but because she is so positive she didn't say anything! Since she is the designated driver, I am ALWAYS on the phone setting up appointments and calling everyone including members, investigators, new converts, and returning members all day and so sometimes I wayyy over book us with appointments. So sometimes we don't have time for lunch and often even dinner (which I feel bad for), and so Sister Price has just been suffering! I don't know how she does it...but yesterday she finally said something and we ended up going over to a members house who lives two houses down for some help. They were so kind! Their name is the D* family, and Sister D* just took care of us. It was so cute. It made me think of my mom. She made us food and got Sister Price a bunch of medicine, and sat on the floor and rubbed Sister Price's feet while she told us stories about her son who went to Kenya on his mission. She told us how she wished that someone had taken care of her son when he was sick and that she knew how our mothers felt. It was so cute and made me even more grateful for my mom. She always made me food and took care of me. :) Awww. So anyway, after a while we realized that Sister Price was actually in a lot more pain than she let on and we ended up going to the hospital because no other clinic would help us since we are from out of the country. So Sister D* took us to the hospital and stayed with us for 10 hours while we waited for a doctor to see us. That is not an exaggeration. The healthcare here is terrible. The doctor didn't even do anything. He said nothing was wrong. But anyway, so finally at 1 am we went home and her son who is a recently returned missionary gave Sister Price a blessing and the spirit was so strong. We were all in tears and I just want my dad to know that I am so grateful that he is worthy of his Priesthood and that he has always been there for me and my family. I always want that in my life. So anyway, after he gave her a blessing we finally went home and slept and this morning she feels so much better. The doctor said it would take 10 days for her massive migraine to go away, but this morning it was gone. The priesthood is real people.

Okay well sorry for the long email. I love you all!!!!!


Mikkia. The Sister one.

P.S. Oh yeah, we got ambushed by Jehovah's Witnesses at an investigator lesson while we had a member with us. It was the worst

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