Monday, September 26, 2016

Start of LAST TRANSFER! - Week 74 (Transfer 11, Week 6) - September 26, 2016

Sister Osman is starting her last transfer TODAY. Sister Osman did not get transferred but will stay in Barrie with Sister Wilson. They are both very excited as they get along so well and are a power companionship but mostly because they love the people there SO MUCH!

Mikkia will be home in 44 days! :) But we are not concentrating on that rather we want to cheer her on during her last 6 weeks! She is so exited to be in Canada, not one bit trunky and we hope that she will have the best transfer of her mission. This girl is on fire, and we are so happy to support her till the end!

Hello Everyone!!!!

I spent a lot of time writing my brother (schmo) #caelanosman, so sorry but this one is going to be short but yeah my brother is super awesome so I had to email him.


We had such a great week. B* came teaching with us a bunch and really helped our lessons. Her sweet testimony is so powerful.

L* was baptized and confirmed. I LOVE THAT WOMAN with all my heart. She is amazing.

Heather Karou made us a pan of peanut butter bars. Best thing ever.

Our investigator D* is an alcoholic but is quitting drinking and smoking because of the gospel! And even vacuumed his apartment because he felt inspired and motivated by the gospel. hahahaha I love that old little guy. Sweetest man ever.

Ummm I'm staying here in Barrie with Sister Wilson for my last transfer! Couldn't be happier. I LOVE YOU ALL! Can't wait to see you all!

Sister Osman

Friday, September 23, 2016

Just pictures :) - Week 74 (Transfer 11, Week 5) - September 19, 2016

Sister Osman did not have time to write this week and just sent pictures!
Sister Osman and Sister Wilson. they went to Lone Peak together and are having a blast!
It is so nice to have a friendly face from home be your companion!

Sister Alred and Sister Osman, former companions still such good friends!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Your children will call you blessed... - Week 73 (Transfer 11, Week 5) - 19 September, 2016

This describes missionary life. In the car.
Hey Everyone!!!!

Life is good. Pretty much it's the best.

This week good that I pretty much just cried out of joy all week. I've never felt happier in my life. :)

I just love everyone so much! And I'm so happy that they are all doing so well.

B* got baptized this week. It was such an amazing experience. Her friend B*, who was baptized himself about a year ago is the one who helped her to come into the church. B* is...hard to explain. Haha he's one of those big, burly, tattooed guys that you would NEVER think would join the church, but is really a huge teddy bear inside. At the baptism, he got so emotional that he started crying out of gratitude. He was like, "Sisters, I can't say the closing prayer! I won't be able to talk!" We told him we would do it for him, but then he just got up and did it. Every word he said so slowly because he had to choke them out. The spirit just FILLED the room. Tons of people came to the baptism. We have worked so hard to make sure B*e would have lots of friends in the ward, and can I say, I've never seen someone so loved! There was such a feeling of family and friendship, I had such a great time. B* asked the gospel principles teacher to baptized her, because she really likes him, he's a great teacher. But her hand didn't go under the water! But nobody noticed! She was about to get out when Sister Wilson and I said, "Wait no! Her hand didn't go under!" So B* turned around and said, "Okay!!! Let's do it again! WOOT WOOT!" And marched back into the font. It was so cute, I was smiling ear to ear. While she was changing me and one of the other sister did a musical number and everyone wrote their testimonies for B*. We are going to put it in a book with a bunch of pictures. Can't wait to give it to her. This Sunday she was confirmed and given the Holy Ghost. Such a cool experience. In her blessing it was said, "Your children will call you blessed for this choice you have made." Next Monday she is going to have her baby boy AJ! SO PUMPED.

Other miracles: L* was there on Sunday for the confirmation of B*. She was so excited for her own and just couldn't wait. After her baptismal interview on Saturday we went and put some family history in the computer. She input her mom and dad and then her grandpa but got stuck on her grandma. Eventually we found her grandma! We put her in and tons of her family tree just suddenly popped up all the way back to the 1500's! She started to cry. We just testified that all of those people are waiting for her to do their work...they've been waiting so long. We could feel it. We all just sat there and got all weepy. It was awesome.

We have been teaching this dad named C*. He has two daughters and recently separated from his wife. This week we taught him for the second time and gave him a Book of Mormon. We explained it all and it was awesome. We hadn't given him one the time before because we were all out of them! At the end, I was about to say the prayer and C* said, "Wait, can I say it? I've been practicing!" Of course, we were so excited! So he said the prayer, so humble and sincere. I LOVE hearing people pray for the first time. After the prayer we all just sat there and C* said, "Woah." We all just nodded. He said, "It's so good to feel the Spirit." So cool.

I love you all. I love Heavenly Father so much. This gospel brings so much joy. I'm so grateful to our Savior Jesus Christ and all that He's done for us. I'm so grateful for Jospeh Smith, who did so much to help us all to have the gospel. It's our job to share it. :)


Sister Osman

Sister Wilson, last Monday (/12/26)

I had a vision. JK :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I just feel the love here! - Week 71 (Transfer 11, Week 3) - 6 September, 2016

Hey everyone!

This week was incredible. :)

B* and L* walked into church on Sunday....I swear the whole ward just took them in. B* was so excited for her baptism in two weeks that she went around the whole church and introduced herself to everyone as follows, "Hey I'm B*!" (So and so responds.) "Yeah, I've been coming to this church for a while now and I just feel the love here! I'm actually getting baptized soon! First it's my birthday on the 11th. Then I'm getting baptized on the 17th. And then I'm having my baby two days after!" She is the funniest person on earth. One of my good friends now.

Then in sacrament meeting it was fast and testimony meeting. Everyone was bearing their testimony and L* leaned over to me and said, "Your testament is that you never gave up on me. Thank you. I will never forget you!" Her eyes got all teary. That meant the world to me. I love L*. Her husband gave her permission to be baptized on Sunday! Yay!!!! The members here have been amazing. We have had 49 member present investigator lessons in the last 3 weeks. It's incredible.