Thursday, March 31, 2016

Madness! (the good kind) - Week 47 (Transfer 8, Week 5) - 29 March, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Man so much goodness happened this week. I don't even know where to begin. This week we have officially given out at least 3000 cards this transfer. THAT IS A LOT OF CARDS. But even more, that is a lot of people that we have talked to. We have so much fun; three sisters moving always at a fast pace, in and out of the subway, singing as we go, handing cards to everyone and telling everyone God loves them.

At the beginning of the week A* called us. We had given him a card in the elevator and we are now teaching him! We have taught him 3 times and he came to church and we are seeing him again tonight. :) He is a tall black man, with huge hands. He wore an olive green suit to church, and a black bowler hat. It was awesome.

Also, M* called us. She said, "Is this the sister missionaries? Two sisters talked to me on the subway and they were soooo niceeeee. I've had Jehovah's Witnesses over before but I feel like I have finally found what I'm looking for. Can I come to church?" Then she came to church. She was all dressed in pink with and orange cross around her neck and just ecstatic to be so loved and welcomed on Sunday. It was lovely. At the end of church she said, I work every Sunday but I'm going to reschedule my job so I can come every Sunday. See you next week! It was awesome. 

Also, W* called us. He said, "I am the man who you talked to while you were walking on Dundas street. Me and my 19 year old daughter looked up your church and you seem legit. We want to come." Well we met with him. He is awesome. We are meeting him again on Wednesday and Friday!

Sunday morning we decided to go to church early to practice the musical number we would be doing. So we got on the subway and went up to take the bus, but the bus was on a different schedule because it was Easter. So while we waited we all sang a ton of hymns in the subway. People started to gather round. And when we would stop, people would ask us to continue. So we did. And we LOVED it. :) Then this girl named N* came up to us and said, "Do you guys need a ride somewhere? I believe in Christ and I can tell you guys are sent from Him. I just wanna help you all out." Then she paid for a Uber ride to church. She was so kind. I love her. :) 

We taught an investigator named J* this week who says she now believes in God! The elders had taught her 3 times and then passed her off to us so we have been meeting with her. She is awesome. And in our lessons she said, "So Sisters I have decided to quit smoking...It just seems right." We haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom yet.

We also met with a lady named C*. She is a very hard core mom...haha I don't know how else to explain her. She is black, and very passionate and intense. We brought this old man named Brother M* with us who is from Egypt. His back is stooped and he has these massive hands and this wispy white hair and when he preaches he shakes his finger. But he was EXACTLY the member she needed. She came to just LOVE brother M*. She agreed to come to church this week. It was such a spirit filled lesson. If brother M* hadn't been there, I don't know what we would have done. 

Finally, my favorite lesson this week was with a family named the K* Family. They are all from India and have been members of the church for many years. Brother K* was a bishop and Sister K* is such a loving mother. But their sons have a hard time with the concept of God and as a result have rebelled a little bit. She is so broken hearted about it. We have been trying to get a hold of them but haven't been able to and finally on Easter we just dropped by. We taught a lesson on God and Jesus Christ. I don't even know how to describe it; it was only a 15 minute lesson, but I have never felt the Spirit so strong in my life. They all agreed to meet with us again on Wednesday and Sunday. I love the K*.

Well all, I know Christ lives. I know it. I really do.

Also we are getting a car.

I love you all!

Sister Osman

Sister Brown & Sister Kehrer - my two awesome companions!
Out and about!

Sister Brown & Sister Osman

Sister Brown & Sister Kehrer

Running into her lovely former companion, Sister Price

The Bus Trio - Sister Kehrer, Sister Osman, Sister Brown
Bus Selfie


Ice Berries

Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy 20th Birthday, Sister Osman! - Week 44 (Transfer 8, Week 2) - 7 March, 2016

Mikkia was so busy this week that she did not get to write. She turned 20 on p-day and had a blast :) We will post pictures when we get them!

Thank you to all of you who remembered her and sent her birthday greetings. It made her sooooooo happy! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's Etobicoke - Week 43 - Transfer 8, Week 1 - 2/29/2016

Hey everyone, whom I love so much.

This week was incredible. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing new challenge. I felt calm this week, even with all the chaos of a new area, new companion, new people, new city, new ward, new home... It has been a really doozy but it feels RIGHT to be here.

Last Tuesday morning at 7 when we got to Brampton for transfers, all the trainers were in a room  being counseled by President and his lovely wife. We felt good. Afterwards they bring in all the new missionaries and we all get the chance to stand up and bear our testimonies. It is an amazing thing to be in a room of young people who are dedicated to the Lord and love to share His love. It was fun to see the new missionaries listen intently with respect, as if we are so experienced and amazing. It was so cute. Deep down I know I'm still just the same 19 year old girl who left Utah 10 months ago. Still figuring everything out.

When my turn came to share my testimony I decided I wanted to share it on the purpose of the gospel, which oddly enough I think I have learned a lot from my mission but also especially from my Mom, Dad, Tashina, Caelan, and some very close friends. This week just before transfers I read a letter from my brother, that just inspired me so much. And so many letters from my mom and friends, and so many experiences that I've had while being here so all of their words were lingering in my heart.

I know that the gospel is about being inspired to be someone better. It's about seeing yourself far beyond who you believe you can become. God is the biggest dreamer of all. He has dreams and wishes for every one of us. He knows us by name. And the gospel of Jesus Christ is about becoming all of that. It's all about never being stuck, never having to settle, never having to believe that you won't succeed. Because with God, anything is possible. Repentance is real. It's not a time for sorrow and self loathing, but a time to rejoice in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He has already suffered for us, so accept the gift, give it to him and then BE BETTER. It's possible. The change is amazing. And even more incredible, we get to help others see themselves in a whole new light, with the eyes of a loving Father who wants us to succeed.

As I looked around the room at all the eyes of the new missionaries, trying to guess which one was going to be my new trainee, I picked out one in particular. Wearing a blue shirt, eyes glowing. I really felt she was the missionary I was supposed to train. President separated the room into two: trainers and trainees. I leaned over to one of the missionaries next to me and said, "That one is mine." Then President called out, "Sister Brown, you will be with Sister Osman." And I freaked out. I was right. I just knew it. I could just see it. I know that Sister Brown is supposed to be my companion and that this is supposed to be my area, and that I am where I am supposed to be.

Well I love you all. The doctrine is pure. Have a great week!

Sister Osman

Twenty new missionaries arrived on Monday! They come from Utah and Canada (of course!), Brazil, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago by way of B.C. The weather has been so temperate here--we'll hope it continues the warm welcome!
The new missionaries and their trainers.
Brampton Stake Center, Tuesday, February 23, 16

Our view from the 24th floor in Toronto!

Our view from the 24th floor in Toronto!
Sweet Sister Brown from Jamaica!
The poor thing, she always freezes :)
Sister Osman loves her "baby."
Sister Brown and Sister Osman