Monday, September 26, 2016

Start of LAST TRANSFER! - Week 74 (Transfer 11, Week 6) - September 26, 2016

Sister Osman is starting her last transfer TODAY. Sister Osman did not get transferred but will stay in Barrie with Sister Wilson. They are both very excited as they get along so well and are a power companionship but mostly because they love the people there SO MUCH!

Mikkia will be home in 44 days! :) But we are not concentrating on that rather we want to cheer her on during her last 6 weeks! She is so exited to be in Canada, not one bit trunky and we hope that she will have the best transfer of her mission. This girl is on fire, and we are so happy to support her till the end!

Hello Everyone!!!!

I spent a lot of time writing my brother (schmo) #caelanosman, so sorry but this one is going to be short but yeah my brother is super awesome so I had to email him.


We had such a great week. B* came teaching with us a bunch and really helped our lessons. Her sweet testimony is so powerful.

L* was baptized and confirmed. I LOVE THAT WOMAN with all my heart. She is amazing.

Heather Karou made us a pan of peanut butter bars. Best thing ever.

Our investigator D* is an alcoholic but is quitting drinking and smoking because of the gospel! And even vacuumed his apartment because he felt inspired and motivated by the gospel. hahahaha I love that old little guy. Sweetest man ever.

Ummm I'm staying here in Barrie with Sister Wilson for my last transfer! Couldn't be happier. I LOVE YOU ALL! Can't wait to see you all!

Sister Osman

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