Monday, October 3, 2016

When he talks about God, it sounds like a roaring sea - Week 75 (Transfer 11, Week 1) - October 3, 2016

This is what sister osman does during conference." P
icture and caption sent to us by Heather Karau, a member in the Barrie ward.

Hey Everyone. :) 

My email last week was kinda lame...cuz you know, no time. BUT this week I promised myself it would be a good one, because so many cool things have happened all you must all know about it.

We met with L* again after her baptism and confirmation. We showed her the D&C for the first time, Pearl of Great Price, and Joseph Smith History. She was kinda like, "Woah...!!!! That's a lot of God's word...what do I do with all of this information!!!!" But then Sister Stewart (the member who was teaching with us) says, "No worries I've been in the church for 40 years and still don't know everything. You don't have to read it all right now. But L* loved it. We sang some hymns with her to help her get familiar with our church's hymns. Then we read the Joseph Smith story in Joseph Smith History, recorded by Joseph Smith himself. It was awesome. L* just loved it. She told her husband that she got baptized finally. While he was driving the car. He almost crashed. HAHA but he's supporting her. :) She told us about some really cool spiritual experiences she had after her baptism, but I don't think it would be appropriate to share them on here. But some really cool stuff, the gospel is so true. :)

B* had her baby!!!! They got home from the hospital on Friday. The ward has been AWESOME about serving her, reaching out, providing meals, any other support, etc. Shes felt so loved with the amount of love and support as all of her family is dead except one aunt and a sister that she doesn't talk to. But we went over to her house last night after conference to watch some with her and she was all in tears and goes, "Sisters! I have to show you something super cool!" A stranger had contacted her on facebook who lived next door to her when she was young and knew her parents. This stranger had found hours and hours of home videos recorded by her parents. We just watched them and B* introduced us to her family. Such a cool moment. And then we got to meet AJ, her little son. HE IS TINY. He is so CUTEEEEEEEEEE! I will send a picture when I'm done writing this.

We taught our investigator R* this week. R* is Pentecostal and grew up in Jamaica. When he talks about God, it sounds like a roaring sea. I always feel the spirit so strongly around him when he tells us about what he's learned through his life. Most of our lessons are just listening to him expound these awesome truths of the gospel. And then in our small voices we chime in and show him something new and he grows quiet and is always struck by how much we know, even though we are younger than him. He's loving discovering the gospel. I can't wait to teach him about temples. SO COOL. He loves the Book of Mormon. He told us he wants to turn in the keys to his church, apparently he has some sort of leadership role there....everyone pray hard for R*. The Lord needs him here!

Conference was great. I loved all of the messages. But one in particular stuck out to me. He said, "Conversion means to be filled with the Love of God." That really struck me. I understand it. :)

Other than that, our other investigators and people are doing well. We taught S* the word of wisdom this week. She quit smoking just a month ago! How perfect! And agreed to stop drinking coffee and tea...she's only 15! So many youth over here smoke. D* is cutting down significantly on drinking and smoking and one of our investigators J* will be baptized in a couple weeks. So excited! Hopefully Ronnie will be baptized on the 21st. That's the goal. :)

Love you all! Thanks for your support. It's so cool to be a missionary. I feel so blessed all the time.



Sister Wilson & Sister Osman at the library. 27Sep16

Mission Leadership Council, Brampton, ON, Canada. 28Sep16

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