Monday, October 31, 2016

My heart feels like a big potato that has been soaked in Vaseline - Week 79 (Transfer 11, Week 5) - October 31, 2016

Sister Osman is coming home!!!

Arrival date in SLC: Nov 9th, 2016
Homecoming talk: Nov 13th, 2016, 11:00 am
285 North Matterhorn Drive
Please, join us at our home afterward
for food and a chance to get re-acquainted!
Email us for our address!

The book is true! - Oct 26, 2016
Hey everyone. :)

This is my last week in the mission. My heart feels like a big potato that has been soaked in Vaseline. That's honestly like the best way that I can explain it.

I just love everyone here so much. So many of them are going through hard things; my heart just aches for them. I'm sad to leave them. But at the same time I'm super happy about everything in general. I love being a missionary.

This week we were walking out of one of our appointments and going to the next one. We oftentimes meet people at the library, there are always tons of people to talk to as the library is downtown. Sitting on the wall a little ways down the path was a guy, smoking. We finished talking to some ladies and went right over to him. He looked really sad. It was so cool to talk to him. He told us how a year prior he had attempted suicide. As we testified of the Savior and His Atonement he said, "maybe this is what I need in my life." Inside I was like UH YEAH IT IS!!!!! I just felt such an overwhelming love for this man. We just told him how much God loves him and that we were honored to have the opportunity to meet him--we were glad he was still on this Earth for us to meet. His name was B*. We set an appointment for the next day. As soon as we got into the car we invited the bishop to our meeting the next day.

Fast forward. We couldn't find the Tim Horton's we were supposed to meet at and we were running late because our previous appointment took a littler longer than we thought it would. We were 15 minutes late and we knew that B* didn't have a cell phone so we were super worried we wouldn't get to meet with him. We prayed our eyeballs out hoping we could find the right Tim Horton's and meet with him. We pulled up to one down the street from the church and we saw him inside, with his back up against the window. The lesson was incredible. We were so glad to have bishop with us. B* told us about how he normally would have just shrugged us off and ignored us, but that for some reason he decided to meet with us. We talked to him a while about faith and gaining a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. He told us about his dad who passed away a year ago and we were able to testify of eternal families. I was so grateful that I could testify of eternal families. I was so grateful that I could tell him how having the perspective of being together forever blessed my life and my family. I'm very grateful to my parents for their example.

I just want to testify that the Savior does live. He rose on the 3rd day. He understands us because He has gone through everything we have gone through. I don't fully understand how, or know how, but if there's anyone out there struggling with divorce, or depression, or loneliness, or addiction, or pain...anything, He understands. If my mission has taught me anything it has taught me that God loves us so much. I feel baffled and awed by the expressions of love that I have felt from God on my mission and for the amount of love that I have felt for the people here. I have learned that true religion means to love and serve each other. I have learned that we each have a place in God's kingdom. We are the body of Christ. And Christ found us worthy of His blood. He finds us worthy of His love. And He finds us worthy of all that He has. All that we have to do is accept the gift. 

I'm so grateful to have been here, I love this gospel.

Have a fantastic week, see you all in a few!


Sister Osman

Sister Osman and Sister Wilson - October 26, 2016

The sister missionaries taking selfies of themselves - Oct 26, 2016

The sister missionaries's painting outfits - Oct 25, 2016

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