Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This Thanksgiving, I want Jesus Christ to know I'm grateful for Him - Week 76 (Transfer 11, Week 2) - October 11, 2016

Hey everyone!!! Happy (Canadian) Thanks Giving! I think this was one of the best ones ever.

Here's how the day went:
Woke up. Exercised. We went running by the water front, but I forgot that it's getting cold outside and wore short sleeves. My arms were numb by the end of the run, but we felt great. Studied for 2 hours. Finished weekly planning that we didn't finish last week because we were too busy. Then we went and cleaned our whole car, and pumped up the tires, the tire pressure was low thanks to Canada becoming an ice box over night. Then the fun began. We went and taught our investigator P* and his wife M*. Then we picked up H*, a member in our ward who is the best and does so much for us, and took her to lunch--I thought I would die from all the food. It was so good though. And that's saying something because I don't like hamburgers that much. Then we took her contacting downtown and found a new investigator named R*. #memberpresentwootwoot Then we went and taught D*. D* is doing great. Then we went and heart attacked Brother Stewart, our war mission leader. We rang the door bell and he came out and didn't even see us and ended up talking to the neighbors about missionary work because of it. SO FUNNY. We all almost threw up our food because we were laughing so hard. Then, we heart attacked a bunch of other people to say thank you. This ward has been so amazing. They do so much for us. We had turkey dinner at a Returning Members house named Sister K*. I love that woman. She is from Hungary and has the most difficult accent, but it's awesome. She lives in government housing and works so hard, but has very little money...It was so kind of her to make us that meal. I walked into her house and almost started crying. She's amazing. God bless her. Then we went and taught our investigator R* and his son D*. R* was frustrated with D* because of the choices he's been making (he's 18) and so we set up an appointment with D*. Then D* said the closing prayer. He asked if we could all hold hands in a circle. We did, then he prayed and the spirit was so strong. I can't even describe it. At the end of the prayer we all opened our eyes to see that the rest of the family had joined the prayer. It was so cute. His little sister was holding his hand. And that's how our Thanksgiving ended.

I love this gospel. I'm so grateful for the Savior. My mission has taught me about His love. It is consuming. It is real. It fills me up. I feel forever in the Saviors debt. My mission has taught me a little more about what He really did for us. I have learned Gratitude for the Savior.

This Thanksgiving, I want Jesus Christ to know I'm grateful for Him, and I want my Father in Heaven to know I'm grateful for the matchless gift of His Divine Son.


Sister Osman

P.S. Also, guess what?!?! We went to the temple with a returning member we've been working with named S* this week and guess who was there?!?!?! P*!!!!!!!!!! I saw him in the temple waiting room and said, "P*?" He looked up and we were both so excited that we almost shouted, but it's the temple. So you gotta be reverent. Then I almost hugged him. But then I remembered. Can't hug boys. Hahahaha I love that man! I'm so happy I got to be there for his first time in the temple.

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