Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Hanukkah -Transferred to Barrie (Week 26 (Transfer 4, Week 6)

Sister Osman will miss Sister Price, so, so much!
Hey everyone!

It's not Hanukkah here. It was Thanksgiving this week but I wanted to be different.

This week was amazing! We went to the Francis' house for Thanksgiving and got to meet all of their family. I love the Francis'. They are such an incredible family and always have our back. We also got some cool new people to teach this week and had some really cool lessons. :) My favorite new investigator is Brother R*. His name is actually F*, but his last name is R* so we have fun and call him "brother". Because I mean...why not. 

This week one of my favorite experiences was teaching G*e. She is an investigator who we had previously taught about 3 times. We went over to teach her this week on Thursday and taught the Plan of Salvation. G* is the biggest sweetheart and has such an incredible relationship with the Savior. Everything we said she was agreeing with and the Spirit was so strong! When we got to the end of the lesson to teach her about the 3 kingdoms of glory, I was nervous because that is where most people want to argue. We read her a scripture from 1 Corinthians 15 that explains the different kingdoms. As we read and explained, her eyes lit up and she said, "Now I understand! There is this scriptures that comes to mind where the Savior is telling his disciples about the many mansions in the fathers house and that he prepares a place for us there. I never understood what it meant, but now it's so clear!" The Spirit was so strong and she started to cry and of course I got all teary and then we were all excited about how amazing the restored gospel is and she started to understand why there was a need for a restoration and it WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!! Two days later when we were teaching her best friend who happens to be a less active, we told her about the experience and she too felt the Spirit, as well as the member with us, and we all started to cry again! Hahaha and now she has decided to come back to church and get ready to go back to the temple and then the member who was with us at the lesson invited us for dinner. So the next day at the dinner appointment, as we shared a message about the gospel, again the Spirit was so strong. We had a very sacred conversation and I am so grateful for the amazing people here. They have changed my life. :)

Sadly, I'm getting transferred. I'm going to a new branch in Barrie, about 2 hours away from here. My new companion will be Sister Tang. I'm so sad about leaving, and did plenty of the silent-laying-in-bed-in-the-dark-pretending-not-to-cry-silenlty kind of crying last night but it's okay. Things will be great and my new area will be awesome. I'm excited for my new companion and Sister Price will be staying here and training a new missionary. Yayyyyy!!!!

Well I love you all. Have a lovely week. I hope yours was as amazing as mine.


Sister Mikkia

Good-Bye Companion. Wonderful Sister Price!

Canadian Thanksgiving!

S* our Catholic investigator. She's 88.
She's fiery. Just enough to singe the eyebrows.

Fall is here! So pretty!

Pluviophile: I just love the wonderful rain!

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