Monday, October 26, 2015

First week in Collingwood/Stayner (Week 27 (Transfer 5, Week 1)

Hello everyone!

Mikkia ran out of emailing time today and could not send a group email but she sends her love and wants all of you to know she is doing well and that she is sorry that she did not have enough time.

Last week, she reported that she got transferred to Barrie, actually though, she found out that she got transferred near Barrie to a small town named Collingwood, assigned to the Stayner Branch (a congregation that is smaller than a ward). Collingwood is absolutely beautiful, situated on Nottawasaga Bay at the southern point of Georgian Bay with sandy, fresh water beaches and near the Blue Mountain ski resort. Mik loves to ski, but not this winter, though she will receive plenty of snow :) Anyhow, she loves her new area and her new companion Sister Tang from Hong Kong who is an absolute delight.

Excerpt from her email to me:

Stayner branch is really struggling. It only has 20 active members and 50 inactive so we have MUCH work to do and if we can't build this branch, they are going to close it. Which means many of these inactive people will likely never return to church and many of the active will go inactive. So I feel very much responsibility on my shoulders right now.... This area has so much work to be done! I'm glad that Heavenly Father sent me here!

Have a great week and thank you so much for all your love. Sister Osman is always so upbeat in part because she has all of your great support and she knows she's got a home where she is known.
Talita :)

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