Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hearing people pray for the first time! - Week 70 (Transfer 11, Week 2) - 29 August, 2016

Cupcake delivery from mom & dad!

Hey everyone. :)

This week was great. I'm pretty sure I start every single one of these emails the same way. Because every week of my mission so far, has been great. Or better.

Hmmmm what's a good story from this week?

It all started last week. We had brought one of our members named Sister R* teaching with us. She has this whispy white hair and frames her head. She like a hippie angel. She used to get deported from the US for hitchiking with a stolen ID and smuggling her friends accross the border. But then when she was 40 she decided to straighten out and joined the church. She's nuts. I love her. Anyway, so we were dropping her off at her home and there was this littler family sitting on the bench playing outside of her apartment building. So we got out of the car and talked to them. Her name was J*. The kids were playing on the grass with a pool noodle like a sword. And J*'s mom H* was sitting next to her. The weather was perfect. Beautiful! Anyway, we shared about how faith, repentance, baptism, and receiving the Holy Ghost can help us follow Jesus Christ or something...I don't know, it just came out. Something different every time I swear. I never know what I'm going to say, I just talk. Well she told us how she is going through a hard divorce and wants her kids to have the gospel. So we set an appointment for the next week to come teach her and her kids.

Wednesday night the next week:

They were all there. J* opened the door to their apartment. It was so clean! I loved it! A perfect place to feel the Spirit. We sat down on the couch with the kids. I wasn't sure how J* would take the whole Restoration and Joseph Smith thing...You never know what moms do and don't want their kids to hear. But we really focused on teaching simply for the kids and just testifying of eternal families. AND THEY LOVED IT!!!!! The whole family. We game them copies of the book of Mormon and a passage to read. And then at the end asked J* to say the closing prayer. The Spirit was so strong. J* was so humble and so sincere. It was her first prayer ever. Her kids went to Catholic school, so they prayed a little. But J* just opened up her heart. The whole room filled with a familiar feeling. So thick with emotion. You could just feel how God felt: so happy to finally hear J* reaching out to him. He was so concerned about there. He was listening.
J* wasn't sure how to finish the prayer. Her two kids jumped on her lap and helped her finish the last couple sentences..."Thank you for my family, thank you for the missionaries, please bless them...."

I love hearing people pray for the first time. Those experiences are some of the most treasured ones of my whole mission.

I love you all. Have a great week. :)

Sister Osman

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