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This week was magic - Week 65 (Transfer 11, Week 3) - 25 July, 2016

Sister Allred & Sister Osman
Love these girls!

Hey everyone!

Man, this week was magic. I love this week.

This week I started off feeling really frustrated. I felt like I wasn't getting any answers in my studies as to how to help the people we are working with. Which of course means I wasn't putting in enough effort or studying in the right way. God has promised, ask and ye shall receive.

So clearly, I wasn't doing my part to ask. So I sat down Tuesday morning with a determination to make my studies count in the morning so I could be super prepared. At first nothing was coming. I didn't know what to study. I was bored of everything. I've read the whole Book of Mormon, the Bible, the Doctrine and Covenant, Peal of Great Price, Jesus the Christ twice now, and Our Search for Happiness about 1 and a half times and a ton of the church Ensigns and other talks that we've been given to read. So pretty much my studies haven't been doing great because I'm dying for something new.

But ANYWAY, I sat down and I was reading Jesus the Christ when a thought came to me: all the doctrine in the world and scriptures and blah blah blah won't help anyone if they don't feel God's love. So then for the last 45 minutes of my studies, I spent the time making lists of things we could do to serve each of our new converts, returning members, and investigators. I was amazed at how well I know them and how the Spirit just kept bringing to mind so many little things I could do for them.

So, we did it. This week we served in every possible way we could think of. In every lesson we planned a way to serve. At every door we tried to compliment. We just tried to help people feel so loved. And it worked! The Lord blessed us so much!

By the end of the week we had found 9 new people who are interested in learning the gospel and had had sooooo many more opportunities to teach than the week before. People were so much more willing to meet with us. And then on Sunday, we come out of ward council to see our investigator B*. She is so cute. 7 months pregnant. And who did she bring? Her friend C*. About 5 minutes later our other investigator named N* came to the door. He reminds me so much of my dad. He is 18 now and has just been "moved" out of his group home. aka they kick you out when you are 18. When we met him earlier this week I told him about my dad's conversion story and how he went through similar things. It felt like we were best friends with N* already in that first meeting. Then, about 10 minutes after N* arived at church, A* shows up! We were stoked! And then about 10 minutes after that Am* showed up. :)

It was a great day. I felt like all of these people who I've come to love so much were exactly in the place that would make them happiest. It was great. It was so cool to see how all of our hard work and prayers that week had been answered by the Lord.

Anyway, got to go.



From another email:

About her foot:

Don't worry about my foot. Haha I swear that's all anyone ever asks me. It's first question at every door, from everyone in the hallway at church, everyone we pass on the sidewalk, every cashier, everyone. Hahahaha

My foot's actually doing a lot better. I can walk on it now with the boot. The bruising is almost completely gone except a little on the bottom of my foot and the sides of my toes, and the swelling is gone. It's only a little sore in the mornings when I wake up and I've never taken pain killers for it and I refuse to do so. You taught me well. ;) But it's honestly never been that painful. The first night after it happened was a little uncomfortable but since then I've been fine. Sleeping well. :) I honestly think I could probably go without the boot next week. I feel like my foot has healed monumentally fast. I know that is in large part to the blessings I've received. Thank the good heavens for the priesthood. But it's not that badly broken anyway. It just looked pretty bad. Haha. I think I popped one of the major blood vessels in my foot and that's why it filled up with blood like that.

Question of the week:

Tell me something encouraging that happened to you in the last week or the last little while. So in other words is there anything that gives wings to your feet, that gives you hope and that makes you feel like you want to press on?

Something encouraging? All I need is a companion who encourages me to do better and then supports me in doing my best. That gives my feet wings. I currently have a companion who does that for me. :) So I am full of hope. One thing I love that she always says, is whenever we are having a hard day or something goes wrong, she just smiles and says, "And yet, all is well." I love it. She helps me to have a fantastic attitude. She really understands the atonement.

Note from the editor: We love Sister Allred :)

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