Thursday, August 18, 2016

Second to last Transfer. Woot, woot! - Week 68 (Transfer 11, Week 6) - 15 August, 2016

Transfer news:

Sister Osman is starting her second to last transfer. She will be home in 3 months.

Her companion Sister Allred got transferred and Sister Osman is staying put. She will be companions with Sister Bailey Wilson, who is from Alpine and who went to high school with Mikkia and graduated with her: old friends, come missionary companions. What a wonderful small world!

Her "letter":

Hey everyone!!!!!

One miracle from this week: R* and B* accepted to live the Word of Wisdom! Hurrah.

Here are some pictures from the week because I'm too lazy to write.  :)

It was P-day. :)

Exchanges with Sister Leishman. My fave. Life long friends from here on out. She was trained by Sister Anthony.

Tape, the new plastic surgery!

This is exchanges in STAYNER!!! With Sister Giles. We got to see N* and M*. N* got baptized a week after I left Stayner and now he is dating a member named M* who is coming pack to church!!!! Haha...Stayner is like The Office, but in real life.

This is Brother Giddy. Pretty much the most adorable old man in the whole of Barrie. We had dinner with them last night.

We had second dinner with D* and S* last night. S* is a recently re-activated member and D* is coming back! He went to church for the 2nd time this week and is working towards the temple! He gave us duck. :) And this melon that grows in the desert. Partay with the YSA.

This is R*. We taught her the Law of Chastity this morning. LOL. She'll be baptized in a couple weeks. Love her. 

 Me and Sister Allred this morning. Our last day together. :( BUT my new companion will be Sister Wilson!!! We went to highschool together!!!!! hahahaha

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