Friday, May 20, 2016

Service, Listening, and Loving People - Week 55 (Transfer 9, Week 5) - 16 May, 2016

Hey Everyone!

Miracles this week. This week we went on exchanges which means that we switch companions for the day. Generally one companion will go work in the Sister Training Leaders area, and one companion stays in the area, but this week the STL's both came to our area to help out, because we told them we need it. It's been super busy; this area really needs 3 companion ships here to be honest.

Anyway, they came to our area and I honestly started getting all teary just because I was so grateful. Sister Bell was my companion when I was serving in St. Catherine's for one week, so we are already pretty good friends, and then now she is our STL (sister training leader). So anyway, her and her companion were just THERE for us. They came to our area, helped us out, we were able to contact some of our referrals, and I felt so much support from them! It's hard to explain what a big service that was to us. And then, Sister Bell lent us her GPS. It was honestly so inspired because the day before, the 3 of us were all rushing to our next appointment. Me in the drivers seat, driving while trying to instruct everyone what to do next while at the same time Sister Brown is in the passenger seat making calls, while Sister Kehrer is in the back seat trying to update teaching records while reading the map and directing me where to drive. We were just all talking over each other and on the phone and it was just so much commotion. And then it dawned on me: I need to give up my pride and just get a GPS. This map business is nonsense. Everything would be so much easier. Anyway, so I told the Sisters that and they were all like "ermagersh, revelation." And we all laughed at our stupidity. Then we drive up to meet with the STL's, and as soon as we drive up, Sister Bell says, "Hey Sister Osman, Sister Robison (her companion) has a GPS, so I wanted to lend you mine. Just thought you might need it more than me. It may sound ridiculous or small, but no joke, it meant the world to me. So I really gained a testimony this week of the influence of service, listening, and loving people. I know that our leaders are called by God. Even our Sister Training Leaders.

Other than that, exchanges were amazing. We had the spirit the whole time. All of our lessons were extremely powerful, and everyone we talked to wanted to listen to our message. I don't know what it is about this area, but it feels like everyone we talk to wants to listen. I never want to leave. I'm so excited for the miracles that are happening here.

We saw lots of other miracles this week, but it's too much to explain. There are some things that you just can't explain.

I just want you all to know that I know that Christ lives. Without a doubt. That has been given to me, and there is no way I can deny it. And I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that there really are 12 apostles and a quorum of 70. I know where I came from, why I'm here, where I'm going, and I know that God loves me and every one of these amazing people I meet on the street every day.

I love you.


Sister Osman

P.S. Oh yeah, before I forget, we met with P* again this week and show up to our lesson and he's all, "Sisters, I meditated for two hours last night and read the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit has taught me that I lived with God before and that I am His Child and that I have worth! Before I met you, I was homesick and alone and felt like a selfish old man, but now I have come to understand that God has a purpose for me." We were floored. So cool, he literally learned it from the Spirit.

We went to the temple this week!
Sister C* and Brother M* have returned to the gospel
and we got to go with them for their first time!
Brother M*

Here's a cool car we saw. 

Cute Sister Brown!
The most adorable little man named Brother T* has finally started coming to church again.
HURRAH! He's so happy.

Sister C* made us this huge meal. I was so touched. Almost started crying AGAIN. She is from Guyana and has a very hard life here making ends meet, but spent her money and time to make us food. She literally goes out and finds us people to teach. I LOVE HER!


Sister Kehrer & Sister Osman

Morning Study! What's with the chair?!

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