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He approached the lost sheep with an attitude of devoted physician - Week 56 (Transfer 9, Week 6) - 21 May, 2016

Brampton District (May 2016)
Man, I don't even know what to say about this week. It began with a call from President Clayton.
Can I just say how honored I am to know President Clayton and that I get to get advice from him on a regular basis? I feel so honored that someone as busy as my mission president, who is not only a mission president, but a father, a husband, and a general authority seventy, has the time to call to make sure we are all doing well.

I really learned this week a lot about what it means to stand for the Lord, even when you stand alone.

These past two transfers have been incredible. I feel like I've learned more in these last 13 weeks than I have in all my years at school and all of my months on my mission. It has been a, struggle, roller coaster whirlwind. I love my companions so much. Sister Brown has become this compassionate, selfless, happy-go-lucky servant of the Lord. And Sister Kehrer has become this "lioness" tiger woman with no fear of loving people and sharing what she knows. They are both a light to the world. Not even kidding. They shine.

But anyway, among all the miracles and busy schedule and new challenges, there has been a lot of question marks and "man what am I going to do nows" and "dang I feel like I'd rather just not do this right nows" and "wow I've never been more stressed outs". It's hard to explain this week, or even this transfer, because I feel like a lot of the things I have experienced are very personal and I count them as sacred. They are things I feel I should keep to myself. But I want you all to know that I have decided to stand for what I know is true, no matter what, no matter where, no mater when. Even if I stand alone. I know that Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father are the ultimate source of light and truth and it is upon that foundation that we must build, for when all of the storms and might hail beats on us, it shall have no power over us. I've experienced this and I know it's ture.

Transfer news? I'm going to Barrie East to be a sister training leader! My new companion will be Sister Turley. I'm so excited because she served in Ajax with my trainer the transfer before I got there. And on top of that Barrie East is in the same zone as Wasaga Beach, which was my last area. So I've already been there on exchanges with my STL's in that area!

Okay, have a good week everyone.

Sister Mikkia

Also, everyone, quick update on P*.

He has just started to glow. He has a very difficult situation, waiting for his family back home to be able to come over here but as he has learned about the gospel, his situation has completely changed from one of desperation to hope. This week we were able to connect with his daughter S. I so feel for her and her whole family. They are all in hiding in Pakistan and will not give up their faith in Jesus Christ. Peter has been searching for the truth his whole life and finally, he has found it and shares it with his family over email and phone. S will be getting her visa soon to come over here. We pray hard for their safety and success. But anyway, I felt impressed to share this short email she sent us this week:

Dear Sister Osman, Brown, and Kehrer,

Thank you for your love and care. I was anxiously waiting for your email dad told me about your kind  and wise guidance.
I am highly pleased to know that we are being guided on a very right path indeed, I think it's Gods plan and and his immense  generosity for our family to be blessed in this way.
 I feel very satisfied that such kind people like you are around my dad to help him out in his and ( ours ) hard time.
And thanks again for giving me a chance to see my dad after such a long time I loved your picture.
Love you all stay blessed.

Kind regards,

These people are real. I will never take the gospel for granted again. There are people who give up their lives searching for it. People who I love and care for. I can't wait until one day, everyone is free from pain, sorrow, sin, death, and captivity. 

What is a Sister Training Leader?

Each mission in the Church has a mission leadership council that includes both elders (male) and sisters (female) as missionary leaders. The mission leadership council consists of the mission president and his wife, assistants to the president, zone leaders and sister training leaders. 

The Mission Leadership Council functions like other church councils on the ward, stake and general church level. “In councils, assigned members meet to discuss individual, family and organizational needs and work together to determine how to respond to those needs effectively. Full expression from all participants is invited in council settings, unifying the efforts of both male and female council members.”

The sister training leaders are assigned to a certain number of sister missionaries and are responsible for their training and welfare in addition to participating in the Mission Leadership Council. They continue to proselyte in their respective areas, but they also spend time each week training and evaluating the needs of the female missionaries assigned to them. They serve as a vital part of mission leadership.

The sister training missionaries report directly to the mission president on sister missionary needs. They work closely with the mission president’s wife in training and caring for sister missionaries.

Sister training leaders: 
  • Are members of and participate in the mission leadership council. 
  • Are experienced and exemplary missionaries who serve in a companionship with another sister training leader. 
  • Are responsible for the training and welfare of sister missionaries assigned to them. 
  • Maintain a vibrant proselyting area in addition to working regularly with other sisters. 
  • Conduct 24-hour companion exchanges every six weeks with each companionship of sisters assigned to them. Report directly to the mission president on sisters’ issues (an average of two exchanges per week). 
  • Are assigned to a specific zone. However, depending on mission geography and the number of sisters in the mission, the mission president may assign sister training leaders to train sisters in a single zone or in multiple zones. It is not necessary to have a companionship of sister training leaders in every zone. 
  • Function as members of districts and of zones and assist the mission president, zone leaders, and district leaders in training meetings and zone conferences.                                                                                                                          

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