Monday, April 11, 2016

A bigger area & a car! - Week 49 (Transfer 8, Week 7) - 11 April, 2016

Real quick: transfer news. Sister Brown, Sister Kehrer, and I will be staying together but they are combining our areas with the elders. So the elders got transferred out of their area and we now cover theirs as well as ours, which means we cover two wards! We have NO IDEA how that is going to work because with the elders area and ours combined that is about 60 lessons a week on average! I've never done that...time management is what I'm learning...hahaha.

Our area will now be called the Lake Ontario Area. We are now teaching a family ward and the only MSA (Mid Single Adult) ward in the world. Super stoked!

We are getting a car or tomorrow? I don't have any time to write anyone today, so don't feel bad. Haha

Highlight: We went to the temple this week for a training meeting and I saw all of my companions there. EVERY SINGLE ONE. The list is as follows:
Sister Jolie
Sister Anthony
Sister Chelson
Sister Bell
Sister Price
Sister Tang
Sister Gousse
Sister Brown
Sister Kehrer

We got a picture together which I will send! Except Sister Jolie wasn't in it. :( 

Anyway, I love you all! The church is true.

Sister Osman

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