Thursday, April 21, 2016

Silencio or the girl who turned her heart to the work - Week 51 (Transfer 9, Week 1) - 18 April, 2016

No pics, but we got this from the mission home - Sister Osman with her two cute companions, front row, 6th from the left :)

Dear all,

Another week with hardly any info. Mikkia only had 20 min to email, so no group email and the emails that she did send had four lines. Very lean in content... She is a busy girl!

Here is an update, pieced together from those emails, her companions' emails and from "mission spies" :)

  • This week was amaaaaaazing. I have AHAAAVEEEE to tell you about P* but I only have one minute left to email and then it will log me out! I'll see if I can get more time. We just had to email in a weird place today so we don't get the full two hours. 
  • We found out about P* from Sister Kehrer:
    • We have a baptism! P* is a Pakistani Lawyer refugee who bumped into Sis. Osman on the train and is now absorbing the gospel like a sponge! He loves it all. He stops and asks questions to make sure he understands because he WANTS the gospel. He is a spiritual powerhouse! He literally begged us for a Book of Mormon in his native tongue Urdu and is teaching the gospel to his family, who are back in Pakistan, over email. He says his wife is not only his better half but his better whole. SO cute. 
  • About her expanded area. from Sister Brown:
    • My companions and I got to stay together but the area that we are serving in has been extended! We were previously serving in Etobicoke and covering Etobicoke south but now we cover Etobicoke south and north! We are also serving in the Lake Ontario ward which is the only mid-singles adult ward in the whole world which basically covers the entire mission- all of Ontario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have so much work to do! We are sooo busy trying to reach out to everyone and in inviting returning members to church.There are Aprox. 1500 less actives in that age range that we want to work with and that's not even counting those who are active in their local ward. 

Mikkia told me that they think they can teach 60 lessons per week?! If anyone, those three power sisters can do it!

On Friday, April 22, 2016 she will have hit her one year mark. Incredible how much she has grown over the past 365 days. If the Lord is involved, we can grow in ways we never thought possible!

Thank you for all your support, she sure loves you!

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