Monday, February 22, 2016

WOW YOU ARE DANG GOOD YOU ARE LIKE MOZART‏ - Week 42 - Transfer 7, Week 6 - 2/22/2016 (10 months out TODAY)

The low down:
Sister Osman is leaving Collingwood :(
She gets to train a brand new missionary :)
She is going to a very urban area :)
She is leaving Sister Gousse :(
She is in great spirits! :)
Today is her 10 months mark :)
It is her birthday on March 7th. She will be 20 years old, I bet she would love a note :)

Hi everyone.

Like update here. We are sitting in the library in Collingwood, Ontario and I am typing emails to my family. This girl sitting next to us goes, "Oh my goodness" super loud and then looks at me. I look over and she goes, "You can type so fast. Like, YOU ARE DANG GOOD." And I'm sitting youuuu? I mean...I can type fast I guess. And then she starts going ON AND ON. She goes, "You must be a professional. You are like MOZART on that keyboard. This is a beautiful sound. Holy cow. You are amazing. You must do something with music. Like, piano or violin? You must also do something with swimming." Okay now we are caught up to the current conversation. I am typing while speaking.

"Yeah, I play piano..."

"WOW, I knew it. You are amazing. You are incredible."

"Thank you! That is so nice of you! What is your name?"

"I'm Kate. What's your name?"

"I'm Sister Osman. We are missionaries!"

Now she is talking about how amazing missionaries are and that she's only met Elders. Everyone in this library is staring at us...she is very complementary! Very nice lady! Wow...this is really interesting...she just gave us her number and set up a time to meet with us and now she wants to take us to get our nails done.

Now she is coming over to give Sister Gousse a hug....


She just gave me a hug too. Smells like alcohol. Now she's leaving.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. This is hilarious.

Okay, don't have much time to write today. I'm being transferred to Etobicoke, (I think that's how it's spelled.) a bus area here in Ontario. I don't know how to use buses to be honest...Also, I'm training a new missionary. And we are whitewashing in. For those of you who don't know, that means that both missionaries who were formerly there are both leaving and we are taking their we have to figure everything out by ourselves. Going to be a party. More next week.

Love you all!!

P.S. The librarian just came up and asked if we are okay. Says she is concerned for us...hahahaha. She said, "Wow. That was intense." Never laughed harder. We should've gotten a picture with Kate.
Me and Sister Gousse

Sister C* made us pancakes. She is going to the temple in March. So sad I will miss that.

The B*s

Me and D*

Knocking doors was super fun that day.

We laughed so hard!

Bye Collingwood!

Beautiful Sister Gousse, I will miss her so much!!!


C*. I drew an eye on a sticky note and gave it to her.

This sunset is UNREAL. Canada is beautiful.

Sister K* & I

Sister Gousse and I doing face masks from my mom. 

Bye Collingwood!

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