Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Behold, Be Not Pushy‏ - Week 38 (Transfer 7, Week 2 - 1/25/2016)

Hey Everyone!!!!!                                                                                                    (1/25/2016)

We had a roller coaster of a week! Got so much done, but so little at the same time. But it's okay, we are laying the foundation for a great work!!! This next week will be very successful because of this past week. We are excited to see miracles.

One cool miracle that happened this week:

Church had just barely finished. We were super disappointed because our investigator who was all set to come with a ride and everything didn't show. Cleaning up and getting organized after Sundays meetings, we saw a girl at the door. She was tall, blondish, and had a brightly colored hat on. We were over in the opposite corner talking to the Elders Quorum President when the Relief Society President called our names. She is honestly the most hilarious person. Very different, quirky, has a heart of gold and sometimes knocks you off your seat with the things she says. We love Sister M*. But anyway, we saw the girl, and all excited we rushed over. She introduced herself as S* and told us she had come because she wanted to learn more!!! Honestly, that never happens. We were so excited and in our excitement probably overloaded her with new information but it's okay because if God wants her to have the gospel then by golly, she will have it. Anyway, she's coming to church next week and we are VERY excited. :)

Also, on Thursday, driving home from a meeting an hour away, Sister Gousse and I were kinda discouraged. We had learned so many new things in our meeting and felt so frustrated that we couldn't do everything at once!!! Sister Gousse said, "What should we do now?" I said, "Let's call potentials." So she picked a random number in the phone from previous missionaries that was labeled C* and called it. C* answered the phone with a resounding, "Oh my goodness!!!" We couldn't tell if it was a good "oh-my-goodness" or a bad "please-stop-calling-me-oh-my-goodness." You never know how often these numbers are called by other missionaries. But then C* began to explain how he had been reading in Mark 6 that morning about how the Lord sends his servants out two by two. He said that we came to his mind as he was reading it and that he had wanted to give us a call. And then there we were! Calling! Tears began to trickle down Sister Gousse's face. We were both so touched, and over email it doesn't sound that amazing, but the Spirit was so strong and we really needed that encouragement. Such a miracle and a tender mercy and a witness that we really are the Lords servants. :) Anyway, we were able to set up an appointment to meet with C* and will be seeing him this week. Will keep you updated!

Love you all!

Sister Osman

P.S. Sorry mom I don't have time to email anyone else. 

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