Monday, January 11, 2016

Transfer Calls - Good-bye Sister Tang, Hello Sister Gousse! - Week 37 (Transfer 6, Week 6)

Mikkia was not able to write a group email this week, but lots of exciting things are happening:

1. She is staying in Collingwood (Stayner Branch), which she is very excited about.

Excerpt from another email about staying in Collingwood: "And I get to stay here! I'm actually super happy about that. ... I just love these people. This branch is going to explode. I just know it!!!"

2. Sister Tang was sadly transferred to Ajax, Mikkia's first area. To make this transfer call happen, they were BUSY, thus no email. They had to drive the 3.5 hrs to the Brampton Stake Center (close to where the mission home and temple are located, just outside of Toronto) during severe weather, so not sure how long it actually took them. Stayed for the night in the Sister Training Leaders' apartment (Mikkia's first companion, Sister Jolie, so she was super excited about that) and then drop off Sister Tang the next day, pick up her new companion and make the trek home, back from Brampton to Collingwood.

Excerpt from another email about road conditions: Yikes!
Yes, it is super icy and snowy. But no worries, I have slowed down to half the speed limit and been pumping the brake like dad taught me to. We had freezing rain yesterday and not even kidding, there was half an inch of ice on every road. We slid right through 3 intersections when the light was red even though I started slowing down WAY sooner. But it's okay because Canadians are used to this and no one was out yesterday so we didn't get hit. I'm serious, God is protecting us. Nevertheless, I will slow down even sooner and go even slower!!!! I'm not stupid: I don't want to die!!!!! Hahaha my previous crashes have scared me enough. I'm a very safe driver, just need to adjust to the weather a little. But Elder Erickson has been teaching us how to drive in the snow (I mean it's nothing too new but it's a good reminder.)

And here is what the weather people are saying:

The intense snow bands could produce local snowfall amounts of 10 to 20 cm per 12 hours along with near zero visibilities in heavy snow and blowing snow.

Just the weather I want Sister Osman driving in, let's just say I spent the day praying that she would be ok!!! :)

3. Her new companion is Sister Gousse, she cannot wait to meet her! I bet we will hear all about it next week!

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