Monday, January 4, 2016

Communication is Key! - Week 36 (Transfer 6, Week 5)

Heyyyyllooooo everyone!!!!!!

So I wasn't going to write an email this week. But just two seconds ago I changed my mind.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. It's amazing to be alive, and I mean that with all the sincerity of my heart! Today, in the lovely land of Ontario it is -15 C. Pretty sure that's not actually that cold in terms of F BUT it sure feels cold when you are out talking to people until long after dark. Good news: we have lots of snow to show for it, and I have warm gear so I can enjoy it.

This week was....discumbobulating to say the least, and discouraging at most. But I learned an incredibly important principle of communication. Let me explain:

My companion Sister Tang is INCREDIBLE. She is from Hong Kong and as her first language speaks Cantonese and as a second she speaks Mandarin. So coming here to Canada to adapt to the completely foreign lifestyle of "missionarydome" as well as learning the language and all the other things that missionaries have to learn, plus the culture shock, and plus on top of that she is naturally more shy and reserved....holy cow. I can't imagine how overwhelming that must have been! So this transfer I have learned so much from her about how to communicate. But this week I feel like I took everything I have learned from her these past 2 transfers and solidified it into a concrete thought:

It's important to communicate how you are feeling in a way that is effective and productive.

BOOM. I feel like I've stumbled upon this fountain of chocolate or found the secret hidden in...some super awesome somewhere.

For example: Sister Tang, being the valiant, noble one that she is, has a hard time saying when something is bothering her because she is afraid to offend. So first, we worked on simply just communicating it. But we have both come to realize, that it's not only important to express yourself, but also to express yourself kindly and effectively, with an awareness of the understanding and culture of everyone around you! It makes a huge difference! When you are able to tell others your thoughts in a way that they understand them, and then find a solution to the problem in a productive way, things happen and not only happen, but they WORK.

It's been so cool working with so many different people; I've come to understand what a huge effect everyone's cultures, family, and background has on the way the communicate and view the world.

Anyway, I just thought that was super cool this week so I thought I'd share. I love you all!!!! I testify that the Savior lives and that He makes it possible to be better every day. :) One miracle that happened this week: Cathy, our RC, is preparing to go to the temple and has quit smoking! We are so proud of her. Love her to death.

Well, love you all!

S. Osman

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