Monday, August 31, 2015

Emergency transfer, Niagara Falls, and that lovely Raccoon...‏ -- Week 19

The Brampton Zone!
Hello everyone!!!

Oh my stars....where do I even begin? I swear, this week has been 6 months long but has also flown by. Well for starters Sister Anthony and I had an emergency's a long story and I'm not sure how much I should tell but just know that the Lord is very aware of each and everyone of us and I am so grateful that President Clayton is so inspired as to what our mission needs right now. :) On Saturday Sister Anthony and I were still working in our lovely area Georgetown and by Sunday I was back with my old companion Sister Jolie for the day. Then Sister Jolie and I drove over to the mission home (in Brampton) where I received more news about my transfer call. I am now in a Trio companionship in Saint Catherines which is very close to Niagara Falls. My two new companions are Sister Bell and Sister Chelson and they are the sweetest girls ever. I feel like I'm on vacation's weird. BUT I will only be here in Saint Catherines for the week. After this week I will be heading back to Georgetown and I will be having a new companion...I can't wait to find out who she is! But I am so excited to serve with these two lovely ladies for now. It's funny, as a missionary you go into peoples homes who you have never met, you tell your name to every stranger and give them your phone number, you live in places that you didn't even know existed, and you sleep in a bed that you have never seen with a blanket that isn't yours. Haha I love being a missionary because it has taught me to be sooooooo trusting and to just love everyone! :)

On other news: back in Georgetown earlier this week Sister Anthony and I noticed how every time we left food on the counter, it would be gone in the morning. Just completely eaten. This happened with an entire pizza, two cakes, and some macaroni and cheese. Well anyway we soon started to realize there must be a bigger animal living in our apartment than just a rat (although there are those too. But not to worry, we are getting that all taken care of. When I get back...) and decided we needed to figure out what it is.'s a raccoon. But don't worry mom, it's okay. It's very cute. But we haven't had a chance to get rid of it yet because...well we got transferred....

So today I am in Saint Catherines and we got to go see Niagara falls!!!! It was SO BEAUTIFUL but man, I am so tuckered out. But I know that Heavenly Father is right here beside me because when I think I just can't keep going, He gives me more energy. It's awesome. :)

Also, one of our returning members named Brother M* will be going to the temple this Saturday for the first time!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! Heavenly Father has blessed me so much. :) I love this gospel. It honestly has blessed my life in so many ways.

Well lovely people, I so appreciate your letters and e-mails. They mean so much to me! Keep writing. :)


Sister Osman
My new companions and district I

My new companions and district II

I found a tiny turtle while hiking

Oh hey look its 'Murica

Oh hey look its 'Murica

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