Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Transfers...but not really. - Week 8

Mikkia made it to her first transfer but did not get transferred. She is staying with Sister Jolie - YEAH! Good things are happening!

Hey everyone. :) 

Wow. This week was incredible. I don't even know where to start...

We went to the temple this week for a 6 week follow up. So all us new missionaries that came out (2 others besides me) and our trainers as well as President and Sister Clayton got together in the morning and talked about our first 6 weeks as missionaries, and then we walked across the street to the temple. I love the temple so much. It is the best place in the entire world. Without the temple, the plan that our Heavenly Father has given us wouldn't be possible. If you haven't gone to the temple yet, get yourself there. It's beautiful. :) 

This week we had some really incredible experiences. I don't even know what to say. There is so much to explain, and so much that I've learned, and so much that I don't really think I can say...haha 

So I guess I will just say that I know without a doubt in my entire heart that Christ lives. I know that we are preparing for the second coming. And I know it's coming. And when I say I know, I mean it. :) The gospel is a beautiful thing. I learn so much every single day...there is so much knowledge that I've gained here that I can't believe I ever lived without! It's all in the scriptures. People. Read. Your. Scriptures. 

Ummm one cool experience:

Yesterday Sister Jolie and I had decided to walk everywhere. Not use our car at all. Of course, we had no idea what the weather would be like, but as we headed out we soon realized we had picked a SUPER GOOD DAY to walk everywhere...jk not. It was pouring rain. So we ran back and grabbed our umbrellas. It was just pouring, and even when it wasn't raining, the air was so humid and thick that it condensed together and turned into droplets. It was the weirdest thinggggg...We could literally see the air right in front of us getting pulled together and solidifying into water...so weird. But anyway, we were walking all day and we actually had a lot of success and good times. I love the rain. Like...LOVE IT. So I was in the best mood in the planet and Sister Jolie and I were totally just in the best mood. But as we were walking home around 8 at night, she said, "Hey Sister Osman I think we should drop by number 12 on Beatty Rd." I was like..."Okay!" So we did.

As we walk up to that house, the door was wide open. It was a really small, white house. The entire lawn was covered in tall grass and weeds and there was a weird stone stairway up to the door. We walk up and inside are 3 guys sitting on this nasty gray couch listening to opera music, smoking their cigarettes and drinking their beers. They all looked about early twenties. Sister Jolie and I knocked quietly on the door, even though it was already open, and they came over. We asked them if they knew a Wan who lived there (because that's who Sister Jolie wanted to see) and they said no. Then they started opening every door down the hallway and calling into it and asking a bunch of people in they knew Wan. It was the weirdest thing...we were like...what the....

But anyway, they were all speaking some language that I have no idea what it was, and this tall guy comes out of his room. He was bald, but had a big beard and was probably 25ish. I could tell the second that I saw him that he was from Europe. Turns out I was right.

He stepped out of the door and started talking to us, all the while the rain pouring down. We asked him if he believed in Christ. He hesitated...looked at us...and said, "I believe in something." And we said, well have you ever wondered what that something is? At first he said no, but the he hesitated and said Yes. He started to explain that he had been in Guatemala for 4 years volunteering and building houses and the things that he had seen there had made him question the existence of God. I'll never forget what he said:

"I was there...around these people. They were so poor. There were four churches, huge beautiful buildings. But none of them had a single person inside. And then there were these people, who didn't even have a roof to cover the walls of their home. It's sad the things that people do in the name of religion. So I don't think I can really believe right now."

We had a much longer conversation with him. And we bore testimony of Christ and that He would never allow something like that. That is why it's so important that people don't distort the doctrines of Christ, but that they live the way He has actually taught us to live. The original way. Without all of the opinions and philosophies of the world. 

If we all lived the way that Christ taught, and if we all really lived by the gospel and church that He himself established in the New Testament, things like that wouldn't happen. 

I'm so grateful for the restored gospel of Christ on the earth, as originally organized by Christ himself in the New Testament. I hope I can always live up to being a representative of Him and His true church. 

I love you all! Got to go!

Sister Osman

Two peas in a pod - look at the matching outfits.
Sister Jolie and Sister Osman - got it covered all the way down to the belt!

We found a BIG leaf.

The blessing of having a temple near by!

Book of Mormon Cake

No.1 reason to serve a mission - to share the gospel.
No. 2 reason - Sister Osman might develop some domestic skills after all :)
A BOM cake is a good start- LOL

It be raining, it be pouring!

Sister Jolie

Sister Osman, loving the rain!

Sister Osman, always happy!

Look at this amazing spider web. So much beauty in this world!

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