Monday, June 29, 2015

Praying in a shanty doorway without teeth = Heaven! - Week 10

Hey everyone!!!!!

This week was amazing. I love being a missionary. I swear, it's the most awkward thing in the world. But it's so funny. You learn to just laugh at the weirdness of it all. My companion and I laugh so much. Since we are together so often, I swear she knows me better than like...anyone right now. Well...okay that's debatable. There's my mom and a couple of friends and my family and God....

Sorry for the tangent. Back on track now.

This week was amazing! My favorite experience was last night. It has been pouring rain all weekend and it's so lovely. We stopped by our investigator D's house. He lives in this shanty old apartment and pretty much has nothing, not even teeth. He is really down on his luck; he has so many trails and failed relationships in his life. So sad to see. But we just stopped by to talk to him, and he came to the door and talked to us through his little screen door and we ended up just standing there and talking for around 45 minutes. My companion and I and D* and the lovely rain. 

Oh man, this old man reminds me so much of my dad. Even though they look nothing alike, they both have this uncanny ability to listen and just love. I love that about my dad. I told D* all about my family back home, and when we explained to him that one day we would leave, he was very sad to hear that. So I told him that when I'm done with my mission my whole family and I would come visit him...So yeah...Mom and Dad we now will be going on vacation to Ajax, Canada to meet an old man. Hahaha hope you're okay with that. But anyway, it was so cool to see the Spirit working on this man. In that little doorway the spirit was so strong and he asked us if we would pray with him. So we did. And I think that experience was just as much for him as it was for me. It is so comforting to know that our Father in Heaven is always with us, even in the doorways of Ajax Canada, in the beaten down apartments of the old man D*. He always has our back. I can feel Him there. And so did D*. 

Also, on the fun side of things, my companion and I built a blanket fort, walked 6 hours in the rain (that is not an exaggeration) and got 8 new investigators this week! Woot woot!!!!

Love you all!!!

P.S. Shout out to my lovely sister Tashina, who has a birthday this week. Boys, she is available and beautiful. And also, Canada day and the 4th of July are this week! PARTAY!

We met this adorable old German lady who was obsessed with Austria. It was awesome!

It rained so much the apartment flooded. As long as the feet are's all good!

Elder Gedes playing soccer in the church parking lot....

Here is Elder Dardon. Cuz it's a cool picture so why not.

Beautiful Canada!

Greetings from me to you!

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