Monday, June 8, 2015

I Call it Magic... - Week 7

Note from the editor:

Mikkia is great, they found 6 new investigators last week and she is loving life but missing all of you and of course the MUSIC! Listen to Coldplay in her honor this week :) Call it Magic!

Hello Everyone!

It's very rainy today here in Ajax. But I love it. The rain makes me feel very nostalgic. This morning when we woke up, it was just coming down in sheets and pattering against the windows. We turned on the fireplace and read our scriptures...when the 2 hours were up I was so bummed. You would think that 2 hours of scripture reading would seem like forever, but I can't get enough. 

Everyone should go to the bible dictionary right now and just read it. You learn so's so cool. Mkay. Wow, these e-mails are hard to write because so much happens in a week. It's impossible to condense it all into an e-mail. But this week went incredibly well. Sister Jolie and I have really been giving it our all for the past couple weeks since we've been here, and things are starting to happen. But my favorite thing that has started to happen is I've started to feel close to the ward members here and love them.

Back home our ward is pretty big. I love the people in our home ward. They are all so kind...and I never realized it but they are all so NORMAL too. The ward here is...well pretty much the weirdest place ever. 

It consists of about 200 people, but only around 50-80 show up on Sundays. The chapel is small, and pretty much everyone is old and has some sort of issue, whether it's they are so old that they can't doing anything, they shave off their eye brows and draw them just above their eyelashes, wear their wig backwards, or give a talk in sacrament meeting about foot worms. No joke. On mothers day one of the high council got up and gave a talk about foot worms. Everyone was like...ewwww. Yeah it was a terrible talk. Haha

But anyway, all of their weirdness aside, I've come to really love them. They feel like...almost family kinda. Haha I love them. 

But this week I heard this phrase, "If you give Christ your whole self, all of your dreams, everything you have ever wanted, everything about yourself, and really turn it over to Christ, He will give you himself." 

At first that was a scary thought to me. Like...I don't want to give up all of my dreams and everything I ever wanted and dedicate it to Christ...especially since they are all good dreams. You know? But then I realized, that even the strengths that I have, and everything about me that is good, could still be even better. I could still be even more Christ like. I just think it's so cool that if I'm willing to give myself to my Heavenly Father and do everything I can to live a christ-like life, then Christ will give himself to me. He already has...He has already laid down His life for my sake.

And of course, that doesn't mean that I can't ever have any dreams again...that's not what He's asking of us at all. He just asks that we desire to be like Christ more than we desire to be like ourselves, and if that means giving up some of our dreams to make them even better dreams through Christ, then so be it. 

I hope I can manage to do that. I know that He could make me more than I can ever make myself.

I hope you all have a lovely week!!!!

Love you all. 

Sister Mikkia Osman 

This is M. We got to go to the temple with her for her first time this week!!!

M. & Sister Jolie. (Editor: have you EVER seen a better smile? I love her!)
At the temple with M. (Editor: This picture is so funny to me.
Mikkia really is no giant, and yet she looks as tall as the Eiffel Tower compared to these lovely ladies. :) )

It be raining. It be pouring. 

We helped this lady clean out her closet...that was no easy feat. 

In our service clothes. Cleaning... #so fun. Sister Jolie & Sister Osman

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