Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2 Months out and an almost successful squirrel rescue! - Week 9


Note from the editor: Mik was in such a hurry this week. I am including her family/friends email and a piece from another. :) She is a little homesick but doing great, so please do remember her in your prayers!

Hey everyone!
I'm in a super big hurry this week. Almost out of time. But I just wanted to say that I am so, so so sosososos grateful for my dad. Dad, are you there? Hello. Hahaha. My family means everything to me. I don't need anything but them. I love them so much. I'm so grateful to have such an incredibly loving father, who has set such a good example for me throughout my life. Because of him, I know the kind of man I want to marry one day and they way that he should treat my kids one day. Thank you for your example dad. :)

I'm also super grateful for my Heavenly Father. Because of Him, I have everything that I have. I am forever in His debt. I love Him so much. :)

Shout out to Elder Rich Senior! Congrats on entering the MTC! Yay! #soproud

I love you all so much. I'm out of time now, we had less time to e-mail this week. But keep writing and e-mailing!

Also, everyone, please listen to music for me. Seriously, I'm dying out here. Listen to Miracles by Coldplay, and lots of City and Colour and go to concerts and love music.

That is all. :) Have a lovely week. I pray for you all.


Sister Osman

More details from her companion:

Well we came off the high from the last two weeks and had a mini slump in the work. But we are moving forward!

Here are some of the weeks highlights!

While tracting we see three baby squirrels (so young they don't even have fur) on them. And we couldn't bring ourselves to just leave them to die. So after looking in the tree, racking our brains for squirrel knowledge we called our trustworthy member Sister Tunney. She is the resident squirrel feeder/saver and we happened to be having dinner with them that night. And so after convincing her husband, she said we could bring them over. So we picked up these little squirrels in leaves and carried them in our hands for 20 minutes to our dinner appointment. Sadly they all died within a few days. But at least they were cared for!

We were asked to sing at a funeral for a member of the ward. The member's family were not religious but they were extremely touched by the hymn we sung. They all said how beautiful it was. 

At the same funeral Sister W said she still had to give away a copy of the Book of Mormon before Sunday. She was going to just give it to the bishop who is putting together a basket for someone else. But we told her that she should give it to someone who means something. She was scared so Sister Osman said, "It's easy, I'll do it right now." And so she walks right over to the family and explains that the Book of Mormon had meant a lot to the deceased member and she wanted their family to have a copy. They were really grateful. The next Sunday Sister W told us how she was inspired by the "brave sister missionaries" and went to her best friend's house that morning and gave her a Book of Mormon. And her friend was touched. It was so amazing!!

We knocked on this door and a woman opens it. The first thing that comes out of my mouth was about family history. Turns out she was on familysearch.org (the church's free family history site) that very moment. She invited us in to show us all about her Italian ancestors. That was a miracle!

Also we built a fort in our apartment and have been sleeping in it for several days. Surprisingly our apartment looks cleaner with it.

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