Friday, June 17, 2016

Charity never Faileth & "never underestimate the value of every second of life" - Week 59 (Transfer 10, Week 3) - 13 June, 2016

Well Hello Everyone!

This week was so amazing. I feel like this enormous sponge, just learning so much. I'm grateful for that.

I don't honestly have much to say this week. We walked a lot. We talked to people a lot. We taught a lot. We went on a lot of exchanges. We felt the Spirit a lot. We laughed a lot. I feel so blessed to be here.

I love the missionaries here. They are such good missionaries. I really look up to them all.

This week I studied Luke 10:33 to the end, a lot. It's about the Good Samaritan. Check it out. :) I love the people here. It's feels like there is this mass exodus happening in the mission where my mission president is leaving soon, my companion is leaving soon, all of my friends on missions elsewhere are leaving soon, all of the missionaries I know very well in the mission and most of my companions have either left or are leaving soon....It's so sad! I feel this great sense of urgency to just do everything possible RIGHT NOW because I know it will be over soon....

I love you all! Never underestimate the value of every second of life. :)

One thing I learned this week: Charity never faileth.

Sister Osman

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