Friday, June 17, 2016

Do something that will make you cry today. In a good way. - Week 58 (Transfer 10, Week 2) - 6 June, 2016

Hey Heather Karou, this is for you so that my blog will be updated.
Also, hey everyone else

Hey Everyone!!!

Heather is an awesome member of our ward. She's been reading these emails and comes up to me this Sunday and goes, "Sister Osman why hasn't your blog been updated?!?" And I was like, "Because I didn't write anything last week....too much effort." And she was like, "Well write something because I wanna hear about all the crazy people in Barrie!!!" And I was like, "Okay."

So here we are!

Barrie is tiny compared to Etobicoke. I feel's just tiny. And everyone is old. It's hilarious. But I love it. There is this adorable lady named Sister Reeve who took us to the Mandarin for lunch this week (this massive buffet restaurant that they should have in every town all over the world. It's canadian though.) and we taught her friend C*. It was a pretty good lesson! I love teaching with Sister Turley because it's so easy! She is a great teacher. This is her last transfer here on her mission, and I've been out for 13 months now, so we are both pretty old in the mission. I've never been companions with an experienced missionary before WHILE being an experienced missionary. So it's super fun!

Last night we went over to a members home named Shanna. She is YSA aged but the YSA ward is almost 2 hours away so she stays here at her home ward. Anyway, we've been teaching her friend named T*. He is awesome! He has the best questions in the world. At last night we committed him to be baptized. So stoked!!!

Okay, anyway, that's all for this week. Sister Turley rules. Also, Heather made us the yummiest peanut butter bars and our new convert B* is crazy. so funny. Also, we went on exchanges this week. We are over 5 sets of sisters and have to go on 2 exchanges with each every transfer, so that's ten exchanges which is 2 every week. Then plus one with the 3 other STL's. So yeah...lots of exchanges. It's so fun switching companions and areas twice a week but also really interesting. Sister Turley and I always have to be on the same page otherwise it just doesn't work out. Learning lots.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Do something that will make you cry today. In a good way.

Zone Conference in Barrie. President and Sister Clayton made a surprise appearance on Thursday, June 2, 2016

I am obsessed with Dandelions. I like to make wishes. And this one was growing the middle of the woods. And the stem was FOREVER LONG. So I plucked it up.

Exchanges with the Sisters!

Sister Turley found a massive worm yesterday. It was sweet. It's like a snake.

Exchanges with the other STLs! Sister Gousse is an STL now too! So proud. I love her. :)
And the one with the pink shirt is my companion Sister Turley. What a babe. 

Sister Turley, Sister Gousse, Sister Osman

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