Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's a Good Life Hazel Grace‏ - Week 4

Note from the editor: If you did not get a personal note today, even if you wrote her, Mikkia was so busy that she did not have time to open/answer all the emails, but she will try for next week! :)

Hello everyone :)

It has been...another fantabulous day here in Ajax Canada. I'm loving it. 

All week the phrase that has been coming to my mind has been "It's a good life Hazel Grace". Because seriously. It's a good life. 

This week was so funny!!! 
So we go and knock on this old lady's door and we hear her massive dog barking through the door. I swear, dogs are the bane of a missionary's existence. Anyway, this tiny old lady opens the door and she is just struggling to hold back this massive dog. So I'm like, "Lady, would you like some help?" And her response shocked me. She said, "One word and you wouldn't be standing there." I seriously was so confused. I was like, "what?" And she said, "My dog is trained! Do you know what that means??" And I was like, "Well yeah...it means he does what you say!" And I swear, this little lady suddenly stood up straight, and got on her tip toes to look in my eyes, (they were huge and blue and creepy) and said, "It means that if I tell him to get you he will!!!" Hahaha I seriously had to keep myself from laughing. I just stared right back at her, and my companion Sister Jolie asked her if there was any way we could serve her. At that point she suddenly started going on a rant about how she grew up a devout catholic and went to church 3 times a week and was raised by nuns and all that kinda stuff. So we said back, "well I bet we could learn a lot from you!" And she said, "yes. Yes you could!!!" And then she slammed the door. I don't know what happened to her Cheerios that morning, but we laughed so hard. 

So we kept on walking to a different street to go visit this lady who has a bright purple house. As we knock on her door we hear the neighbors yell, "Don't open the door!! They are Mormons!!!" But she did open the door and we had a great time. I love that lady. Haha and afterwards we just laughed some more. So the next door we knock on this boy opens the door. He was probably around 26. 

We tell him that we are missionaries and ask him if he believes in God, all the while the smell of weed oozing from the door. He had these pretty blue eyes but he was definitely very "not all there" if you know what I'm saying. Well, he smirked and said that he was the wrong person to talk to because he knew for sure that he was beyond saving. Just then a whole bunch of his buddies came to the door. Apparently it was his friend T*'s 26th birthday and they were celebrating by hotboxing in this guy's house. Haha we talked to them all at the door for a second and T* informed us that he was from New Finland...(not sure why he felt it necessary to tell us that) And then all of a sudden one of his other buddies comes to the door. So There is this huge group of boys crowded around the door, and us two small missionary girls trying to explain to them how much God loves them and all of a sudden one shouts out, "SHE'S A BABE!" And points at me. At that point they all proceeded to ask us if we wanted to go clubbing with them. So the boy who originally opened the door turned around and started yelling at them all how stupid they are for assuming that we would do something like go clubbing with them. Haha it was seriously the funniest sight. They were all just so out of it. Hahahaha so we explained that we would not be going clubbing with them and why, but that we hoped they had a great time. Then we invited them to church, and gave them a card and left. 

As we walked away they all watched us from the window. 

Then yesterday while we were knocking on doors this super tall lady answers the door. She was black and explained that she didn't believe in religion because it causes so many problems and segregates people (which is totally understandable) but then she went on this huge rant about how she is a daughter of the universe. At first she was very mad that we knocked on her door, but at the end of her rant I told her how beautiful I thought she was and asked her if I could take a picture with her to send to my mom. Then all of a sudden she loved us and invited us in as showed us all of her grandchildren and told us that she was from Barbados!! Well her husband came downstairs to meet us. He was from Cameroon in Africa and had the cutest little son. Well he came downstairs and looked into my eyes, he was towering over me. I asked him if he believed in Christ and he brought his nose very close to mine, stooping down from up above, (his eyes were deep brown with blue rims), with a very, very intense and creepy almost crazed stare, and yelled into my face, "JESUS CHRIST IS THE GREATEST MAN TO HAVE EVER LIVED!!!!" I did my best to stand straight and return his gaze and I said, "AMEN BROTHER!" Haha, I love that family. Anyway. We said goodbye and left. At which point we saw a really cool bug. I'll send you all a picture. 

Well I had a lot more to say today, but that took too long to write. But anyway. Don't listen to anyone if they ever tell you missions are boring. They aren't. They are fun. Go on a mission. 

Also, I've been studying the Book of Revelation in the bible this week. Everyone should check it out. It's really interesting.

And listen to the song Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve. Great song. I miss it.


Sister Osman

Sister Osman & Sister Jolie

It's a good life Hazel Grace!

Shout out to Sheridyn, she misses you! :)

Take on the day!

Lovely Lady from Barbados. Her husband is from Cameroon!


Little boy, dad from Cameroon. Mik loves kids!

Call me Superbug!

God is the best artist! Sunset over Ajax!

Tan lines from trackting beat frost bite any day!

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