Monday, May 11, 2015

Hey, Mann!!!! #jamaicaisrad - Week 3

Note from the editor: Mikkia called yesterday and was in great spirits. After getting to Canada, she went trackting right away, had a whole bunch of meetings and did not miss a beat. She was so tired that she fell asleep standing up but that did not keep her from diving right in. She loves talking to people and told us so many funny stories during her phone call on Sunday :)

Her trainer is Sister Jolie whom she absolutely loves. She is learning a ton and is working hard. She is thrilled because her mission president is allowing her to buy a guitar. She can only play it on p-days but she is in heaven! :)

11 May,15


Hello everyone! I've been here in Ajax, Canada for almost a week now, and I'm loving every second of it. :) Seriously, everyone in the world should go on a mission. It's such an adventure.

I don't have much time left, so this is going to be short. 

But anyway, so here in Ajax about 70% of the doors we knock on are Jamaican men. Hahah they are so hard to understand, but so nice and friendly. We stopped and talked to a big group of them this week. They were very respectful and wanted to hear what we believe, but then ended up informing us that they were all high and would never convert because they love weed too much. Hahah it was so funny!!! Then this other old man who was also Jamaican started yelling at me because I told him my testimony of Christ. That was pretty funny too. And then this other old Jamaican man said he wants us to come back when his wife is in town and teach him. He was such a sweet old man. I love him. :) 

We found 2 new investigators, both Jamaican. The first is named K*, and he is 18 or something, and the second is J* and he is 24. J* committed to be baptized already!!! :) May 31st. Woot woot. But  K* asked me on a date...sooooo....yeah we had to give him to the elders for teaching. Haha :)

I love it here. Absolutely love it. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. I know that Christ lives, I know the gospel is his plan. :) 

Everyone check out Romans 8:31-39 and Enos 1:13

Enos 1:13 is so cool because it's talking about the Book of Mormon. And Romans is just beautiful. :)

Well, there is so much to tell but no way to share it all and not enough time. 
I love you all! I pray for you!

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Sister Osman

Always smelling the flowers!

Trackting - all day nothing and then the last door of the day makes it all worth it :)

One of Mikkia's favorite words: Raxeira. She always loves the sunlight and how it plays with the world!

So grateful for Sister Jolie, she is a great trainer!

Making an "I love you" sign. Message to all of you!

Power planning!

Sister Jolie and Sister Osman

Sister Jolie and Sister Osman

This gotta be a first :) Maybe there is hope for her domestic qualities after all :)

This is more like it :)

Their cute basement apartment


Love the symbolism of steps - walk to her house



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