Saturday, April 25, 2015


I love my daughter. With all my heart, with everything that I got. Before she left, I would cry for days and was afraid I might have a nervous break down. However, a friend told me to cry when she is gone and enjoy the time that we do have. I really tried hard to do that, because I did not want our time clouded by tears. Still I was scared for her to leave and for the way, I thought I would be feeling afterward.

However, when she was set apart in our home, the Spirit was so, so strong and I so, so knew that she was doing what she was meant to do, that all of a sudden all the grief left. I am still sad of course, but really it has been ok. We dropped her off, cried a little, but mostly we were just overwhelmed by the Spirit and by knowing that this girl was doing what she was meant to do!

Of course, she held one of her guitars all the way to the MTC.

insert video and pictures here!

We ate lunch at LaJolla Groves in the Riverwoods for one last meal together.

And then it was time... To say GOOD-BYE!

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