Friday, April 24, 2015

All the little details...

Missionary shopping is tough and packing is a feat in itself.

Mikkia: Mom, do not make me look like a pioneer or a polygamist :)

We tried our best, way over packed, thought of everything (except all the stuff we forgot) and finally concluded, her suitcases were not full of stuff but full of love, love, love!

I had envisioned all these shopping trips with my cute girl, but we only got to do TWO. Then she ran out of time. Between applying to the music program, going to school, driving back and forth, preparing for a mission, having fun and dating, she had no time.

So finally, she entrusted me with everything: "Mom, can you please do all the shopping?" I matched outfits and shopped for weeks, many nights of lost sleep - you try packing 18 months into very little space planning for polar freeze and hot humid summers, modest but stylish - but the outcome was a success!

She loved all her stuff: all is mission appropriate, classy, stylish and not-pioneer-ish :) We never had time to take pictures of the outfits (which makes me so sad) but she promised me she would take some in the field and I will post them as they come :)

Most things I found,
I took to her dorm room for her to try on :)

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