Monday, July 11, 2016

Ouch!!! - Week 63 (Transfer 11, Week 1) - 11 July, 2016

Quick updated: Sister Osman decided she was too busy to go the doctor and went teaching instead. Oh, my! I talked to the mission office tonight, they called me and told me, which was so, so kind of them. The office staff  (senior missionaries) in the CTM is amazing!!!. They will keep encouraging her to go. :)  Pray that she gets better soon. What a girl, she sure is one tough cookie!

Hey Everyone,

This week was a fantastic week. SO MUCH HAPPENED. So I'll just go day by day.

Monday: We taught a couple lessons. Sister Anthony came up from Bracebridge to stay at our apartment for the night because transfers were on Tuesday. Both her companion and my companion were going home. So Sister Anthony and I went and taught a bunch of people while they stayed home and packed and then they went out and did work and it was awesome. We taught this guy named Cody who is super frustrated about God because he feels like he never gets answers to his prayers. He's a law student. So that was sad. But we are seeing him again today and he's been reading his scriptures so that's cool.

Tuesday. Transfers. I got my new companion Sister Allred. She's a pretty new missionary so it's super cool that she's already been called to be an STL. I got to see Sister Gousse and Sister Brown and my other "baby" Sister Kehrer is training this transfer! And I'm her STL! Going on exchanges with her this Friday so I'm so excited for that. I cried when I saw them out of pure joy. I seriously am so emotional. Anytime I'm happy I cry. Any time I feel the spirit I cry. So pretty much my eyes are watery all the time.

Wednesday. We went and taught an investigator named A*. The same one who bore her testimony in church last week. She told us she is ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood so that was strange.
We walked out of there like, "what just happened?" And then I tripped on a brick and did something to my foot....I'll send pictures. It's pretty bad.

Thursday. Missionary Leadership Council. We met the new mission president. He's cool but super different from President Clayton. He has no idea what he's dong yet so that was pretty funny. And he's super chill. He was a YSA (young single adult) stake president before this so he accidentally kept calling us "guys and gals" and told us a bout all these court cases he is in charge of. He was in charge of the Warren Jeffs case and has been trying to get him locked up in jail for YEARS. Like 15 years. Crazy.

Friday: Super annoying. I've been on crutches since MLC at this point but Heavenly Father has sure been helping me out A LOT. MIRACLE AFTER MIRACLE.

Saturday: Same story as Friday.

Sunday: Same story as Saturday.

I have the biggest testimony of Heavenly Father and that He loves me. This week has been such an amazing week. I love my companion. I love my area. I love our sisters. We saw so many miracles this week. I got to sing at Angel's baptism. It was awesome. No we are going on 3 exchanges this week and the week after and then 2 exchanges every other week after that. So super pumped.

K sorry this was a long one. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! Thanks for your emails. :)

P.S. Our investigator S* from my last area gave me a roll up piano. It's the best thing in the world.

P.P.S We set L* and K* with baptismal dates this week!

P.P.P.S. I think I'm going to go to the doctor today.

Answers to a few questions from another email:

How are you holding up? I'm good!

How was your week? Lots of miracles. We tracted into tons of less actives that no one had names or numbers for, found some really cool investigators by the spirit. And we totally had the most spirit filled lessons that really helped our investigators to work towards baptismal dates! And those lessons were all based on instruction given from the new mission president. So cool!

How is life with your new companion? Great. I love her. She is so innocent and cute. I love her. She is just so funny and so sweet and just so kind. I love it.

Question for the week: What do you love about being a STL, what is challenging?
I love being allowed to talk to all the sisters whenever I want and the zone leaders. I LOVE having friends. I'm a people person. I just like to talk to people! When you are in a normal area you have to get permission in order to call any other missionary. So even though you are friends with the members and your investigators etc its not the same because they just don't understand what it's like to be a missionary and you have to always be an example to them and be teaching them in every conversation and contact. But with missionaries, you can just be yourself. You don't have to teach them every second you see them. It's fun. I love just being able to be there for the sisters. I love it when they call us for advice. hahaha secretly it makes me feel cool. Like I've learned something.

What's hard about being an STL? All the exchanges. Our areas are supposed to be model areas that other sisters come to to see how the work gets done, but when you are out of your area so much and with different companions so much, it makes doing the work that much harder. It requires a lot of concentration and consecration. Which is great, I love it, but sometimes can be really frustrating when you are doing your best but have a hard time getting know the members and the area and your companion and help  and change it all and have an exemplary area when half the time you don't even have control over it. And I am very protective over my areas. Lol. They become a  mini home for me. So yeah, its hard sometimes to trust the other sisters with my investigators and stuff and companion and everything.

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