Monday, November 23, 2015

Just a good week! - Week 31 (Transfer 5, Week 5)

Sudbury, Brampton, Weston, Barrie zones

Hey Everyone :)

This week was good. :) We are seeing a lot of miracles here in Stayner, but there is still a lot of work to do.

This week we got to meet a member of the seventy. His name is Elder Perkins. We drove 2 hours to our meeting with him in Bracebridge, and then the meeting lasted from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It was LONG but it didn't feel long at all. I was not expecting the overflow of the spirit that accompanied this man. When we got there in the morning, we were exhausted of course, but every word that Elder Perkins said seemed to speak directly to what I needed. I love being a missionary, but sometimes it's really hard and it was soooo good to receive guidance and direction and confirmation that Heavenly Father knows me. It's interesting--as a missionary you are always the one that teaches and helps others to feel the Spirit, so when the situation is turned you feel overwhelmingly relaxed. It felt so good to just be able to sit and listen and ask questions and get answers. I loved it!

Also, this week the Montreal Quebec temple was dedicated and we were blessed to go! It was awesome. And 3 of our new converts were able to go!

So since I have been here in Stayner we have been working with a part-member family. This week their daughter N* was baptized and it was such an amazing experience! N*'s mom has really been struggling with the gospel. It's been cool to see her faith renewed as she has helped her daughter to prepare for baptism. They were all able to go together as a family for the temple re-dedication. It was awesome!

Ummmm what elseeeee happened this weekkkkk. I dunno, I can't think right now. It was a good week.

Well people, miracles are happening everywhere. So long as there are still people in the world that have faith, miracles will continue. Our faith has power!

Love you all!

Sister Osman

P.S. Everyone should go look up Malachi 3:1-10 and read it in conjunction with 3 Nephi 24:1-10. It's so cool!

P.P.S. Everyone should go listen to northern wind by city and colour. I thought of that song this week for the first time in forever. It just popped into my head and I was like "whoa song you gotta leave." But anyway, go listen to it.

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