Monday, July 13, 2015

I did not part the Red Sea, but... - week 12

Hello everyone! My sweet Utahns/Germans/Lovely Family in the States/everyone else who gets these letters,

Man, this week was amazing. I mean...I don't have great numbers to show for it...and I didn't part the red sea...but I felt myself make a difference in the lives of other people this week. Most of the time we don't get to see the difference that we make, but this week I got to see it a little bit. :)

D* is such a sweet old man. He literally has nothing...but whenever we teach him he gives us some fresh raspberries. I love raspberries. They remind me of the open markets in Europe where we always bought fresh fruits and berries and jams as a family. I have my mom and dad to thank for that memory.... I want to take my kids traveling one day. That would be fun. :) We are going to travel everywhere.

Hmmmm we are getting to know the ward a lot better now. I'm starting to feel like I know these people, I'm starting to understand how all of the different people have impacted each other in the ward. It's easier to love people when you understand them. So, I love it! It feels like I have friends. Can I just say, I am so grateful for friends. All of mine have been such an important part of my life. Especially a few close ones. I hope they know who they are. :)

Anyway, I just hope I can be an important part of the people's lives here. I hope I can help them. I hope the change that we are seeing in our ward, and the people around us isn't just temporary. I want to leave this place better than I found it.

Well, this week I gained a greater testimony of the Book of Mormon. I feel myself becoming closer to Christ and it's super fun. Christ is a fun guy to be around. He's really nice. He's really kind. And Him and Heavenly Father sure have a sense of humor...they love to mess with us. That's one fun thing about being a's just so awkward. Everything that happens is just like....what is happening right now???? It's so weird. I don't even know how to explain it....

You know what's weird about Canada? Everyone has these ridiculous garden statues and dog statues and obnoxious signs on their doors about their pet cat or dog. It's so funny. I mean...if any of you have those in your lawn, I am very sorry and I hope I didn't offend...but I just really....I think they are weird. And what else is weird about Canada is that everyone smokes weed VERY openly. They just smoke it out on their front porches and in their garages and when we come knocking at their door they get all...sheepish...and tell us that they are sinning. It's like they know it's wrong...and don't care. Hahahah oh man. I love people. They are so weird.

Okay, anyway, have a lovely week everyone. I really appreciate all of your prayers and emails and letters. So keep them coming. :)


Sister Osman

Shout out to Elder Bradshaw this week who will have his year mark! And shout out to my companion Sister Jolie who has her 9 months mark this week. Man. I can't wait to have important marks....

Wrote an arrangement of Amazing Grace and Lead Kindly Light. :)
Sister Jolie and I sang it as a duet. #iheartmusic

Mikki with her thrift store guitar!

The Relief Society had a Hawaiian night complete with Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing. 

A 10 pm XXL pizza order!

One of the sweet ladies in our ward!

D*. We think he is the best!

Just the mini and the giant :)

I got to teach a lesson by the lake!

Oh Canada!

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